Certified Nursing Assistant Job Outlook

Certified Nursing Assistant Job OutlookCertified Nursing Assistant Job Outlook

Interested in training for a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the Certified Nursing Assistant job outlook to continue to be a hot field with job potential growing faster than average. For someone interested in entering a health care field, training as a CNA could be an excellent career choice for 2016 and beyond.

As the Baby Boomers continue to reach retirement age, frail health and merely the complications of aging will land many of them in the hospital. Because the tendency of hospitals today is to have the patient discharged as quickly as possible, nursing homes and other long term care facilities will see an increase in patients requiring further care. This large and growing number of elderly people who need looking after is fueling growth in the care industry. And this is obviously very good for the CNA job outlook.

On a daily basis, the Certified Nursing Assistant will often work as the principal caregiver under the direction of nurses. Helping the patient by assisting with eating, taking medications, bathing and getting to the bathroom, as well as monitoring the patient for potential emergencies, may all be part of the job.

The pay is not high and the physical requirements, because of lifting and other hands-on tasks, can be demanding. But it is a field that can be entered with limited training.

Job turnover can be frequent. Many CNAs consider pursuing further education and training as an LPN or RN.

Salaries may range between $8 and $15 an hour depending on the area of the country, shift worked and whether the CNA works directly for a facility such as a nursing home, through a nursing agency or directly for a family employer in a private home.

The Certified Nursing Assistant job outlook is bright. For training as a Certified Nursing Assistant, do a search online for additional information and then contact a local community college or trade school.

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