CNA Resume Sample / Example

CNA Resume SampleThis article discusses what an example of a good CNA resume should look like, and concludes with a complete certified nursing assistant resume sample.

So you’ve taken your Certified Nursing Assistant training course and passed your exam. Congratulations, that’s an achievement of which to be proud!

Your next step on the path to a career as a nursing assistant is to get actual employment. To do this you’ll have to submit a resume when applying for jobs. And in order to stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to have a top quality one to make sure you secure that all-important interview at which you can then convince the interviewer to employ you.

So let’s take a look at some tips on how you can improve your resume to increase your chances of landing an interview. Then, as promised, we’ll finish with an example of a complete certified nursing assistant resume.

CNA Resume Tips

The role of your resume is to prove to the potential employer that you are suitably qualified for the job and that they should give you an interview. Once you get an interview, then it’s your task at the actual interview to convince the interviewer that you’re the best person for the job. But first you have to secure that interview.

Therefore your resume should paint your experience, skills and qualifications in the best possible light in order to distinguish you from the other applicants. You should take the time and care to make sure it’s as complete and accurate as possible. There is absolutely no excuse for any spelling mistakes or missing information.

As well as being accurate, it should also be well-ordered and readable. You don’t want your prospective employer to have to hunt for the information they’re looking for; if they have a lot of quality applications, they might just not bother! Therefore it should be structured so that the most relevant information appears first. You should use a reasonably sized and easy to read font and leave plenty of white space to improve the readability. And don’t make it too long. Try and keep it to two pages at most.

Make sure you include all relevant personal details and contact information and make sure it is all up to date.

You should also tailor your resume for each particular job you apply for, according to the expertise and experience that particular role requires. It will still contain the same basic information but the way that you meet those particular requirements should be clearly emphasised. In this way, if the prospective employer is just skimming through a pile of resumes, it’s immediately clear to them that you’re well qualified for the role.

You should also do a little research on the employer and the job role so that you can tailor your resume before sending it off. If the particular job has some specific requirements that you have a lot of skill or experience with, then you should make sure you highlight those skills and experiences.

As much as possible, you should relate all your previous experiences to the job you are applying for even if you don’t have any actual experience as a working certifiied nursing assistant. For example if you have experience of caring for an elderly relative, you can relate the things you did during that period of care to the actual duties and responsibilities of a CNA – helping them dress or bathe, aiding them with mobility, helping them feed, etc. In addition, you can note the skills you had to acquire and demonstrate such as communication skills, compassion and empathy, etc.

Tips On Tailoring Your Resume

Start by making a list of all the skills and experience the employer is looking for. You can get this from the job description, but also browse the company’s website and do other research to see if you can come up with other skills that aren’t included in the job description.

Next look at your own skills, qualifications and experience and see which best match the employer’s requirements. Those are the ones you should highlight on your resume.

It is much better to be very specific and detailed about a few skills and qualifications that match the job description requirements than to just list a lot of things without much detail, many of which may not be relevant to the requirements.

If you’re relatively inexperienced, it’s very possible you may be short of things to include. If so, resist the temptation to pad it out with irrelevant things. Instead, try and include other skills and experience that may be useful and/or become more important in the role of a nursing assistant in the future. Typical examples are any computer skills and language skills you possess. These additional skills could just swing the employer towards giving you an interview, and ultimately a job.

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Sample

The certified nursing assistant resume sample we’re going to provide is going to assume you’re newly qualified without much experience, which will probably be true for most visitors to this site. This means your resume may need to be padded out a bit with other non-CNA related information and academic information. However, it’s not true that you don’t have any nursing assistant experience at all. You will have gained a lot of practical experience during the training and certification process so don’t forget to include this.

Example CNA Resume


Jane Doe

173 Somewhere Street, Somewhere, Anywhere


Professional Summary

An enthusiastic and committed Certified Nursing Assistant with practical experience looking for a rewarding role that provides the opportunity to learn new skills and abilities. Passionate and dedicated to a career in the Home Health System.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), California 20xx – present

CPR Certification 20xx


  • Trained in bathing and grooming needs.
  • Proficient in recording indicators of body temperature, pulse and blood pressure.
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels.
  • Fluent in Spanish.


ABC Hospital
Certified Nursing Assistant 20xx – 20xx
  • Tested and charted vital signs, including blood pressure and pulse.
  • Monitored patients’ progress and reported changes to nurses.
  • Provided daily care, including feeding and sheet changes.
  • Provided pre and post operative care.

Education and Training

Certified Nursing Assistant training 20xx

High School Diploma – Some School 20xx


The above example of a certified nursing assistant resume is a little thin and would ideally be padded out more. You could do this by describing relevant personal experience that has provided you with relevant skills, like in the caring for an elderly relative example given earlier in this article. Regardless, this example should give you a good idea of what your own resume should look like. Good luck in nailing that job!

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