CNA Duties And Responsibilities

CNA Duties And ResponsibilitiesThis article takes a look at what you can expect typical CNA duties and responsibilities to involve.

If you are looking into a job in the medical industry, then you might want to start with being a Certified Nursing Assistant. This is basically your first step on the path to becoming an LPN or RN.

Of course, it is always a smart call to get an idea of a “day in the life” for a CNA, just to see if it is something that you would like to do and to help you with that this article will describe the basic the tasks a CNA will be expected to perform.

CNA duties and responsibilities are very simple and only require a little bit of formal training. That training though will give you the basic foundation of understanding how to interact with your patients. Here are just a few aspects of some typical CNA job duties.

CNA Duties And Responsibilities

Vitals: Check!

Every CNA on the planet should know how to check the vitals of the patients. The fundamental job duties mean that you are going to be taking information and providing that information to nurses.

After that, LPNs and RNs are going to decide what to do with that information, and put it into perspective, giving those results to the overseeing doctor on the floor.

Essentially, these responsibilities are the first step in assessing and diagnosing. So, in checking vitals, you will be taking blood pressure and pulse information.

Range of Motion: Check!

This is an important aspect of CNA job duties, which may require additional training. Again, you are going to be the first step in taking information, and testing the “range of motion” for patients is something that you will be doing.

You will need to know what is normal range of motion, and what is not, giving you an idea of what to put down for your findings on the paperwork.

Patient Care: Check!

A very large portion of your duties is patient care.  For instance, you will be supplying meals to the patients, but at the same time, you will be recording how much you gave each patient. This is yet another bit of information you can take down to give to the nurses who are also dealing with that particular patient. This also includes making your rounds with necessary medications.

Another of the major CNA duties and responsibilities, especially in nursing homes, is to attend to patient personal health. For instance, you will be rolling over patients if they are bedridden in order to prevent against bedsores. Also, you might be called upon to assist patients to go to the toilet, and even give showers to patients that are unable to engage in keeping up hygiene.

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